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Jalen Rose on players and the media: "When those direct deposits hit, I laid on the floor in my living room with hundreds of dollars on the floor & did snow angels in you can't act like this is hard."

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The amount of attention and publicity surrounding the NBA and it's players especially the best and most popular ones is at his highest point in history. The invention and evolution of social media made it possible for the players to be in the spotlight at almost any given time.

This brings forth both positive and negative effects players receive from the public. The positive effects are mostly related to increased brand awareness a lot of players have experienced lately which perhaps could be beneficial for them to land more sponsorship deals or a different type of arrangements outside of basketball perhaps. The negative effects are mostly surrounded around the constant exposure players have which some reporters use in order to achieve a certain agenda. Those predominantly being taking their words out of context for more clicks which some players have already recognized and lately, you have examples of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant who are in somewhat a war with the media and the reporters.

Jalen Rose who was an NBA player for 13 seasons, and even after his career ended stayed involved with basketball and the NBA, said in today's show "Get Up" by ESPN, that players are overreacting when they talk with the media, especially if their team or themselves are struggling.

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Even though people feel those emotions, when you ask them how they're doing, they actually say "I'm doing good". And the reason why they do that is that they are not trying to get into a conversation about everything that is not going well in their lives. This ain't hard, I promise you. I played in the league and trust me when those deposits hit, I promise you, I've laid down on the floor in my living room with hundreds of dollars on the floor doing snow angels with it. I could not believe that a kid from Detroit was actually playing basketball and getting paid the amount of money I was getting paid. You can't act like this is hard and I see guys talk to the media saying how miserable they are how this is the worst thing ever. No, it ain't that.

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