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Incident that happened to Paul Pierce 18 years ago

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18 years ago on September 25th of the year 2000, Paul Pierce was brutally stabbed 11 times.

Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics was stabbed in the face, neck, and back in 2000. The incident happened at about 1 a.m. in a private event at a former Boston nightclub called, the Buzz Club. The club is no longer in business.
The fight occurred in the bathroom and his former teammate Tony Battie, who was with him that night, drove him to the hospital. Pierce suffered a collapsed lung and even asked the surgeons if he was going to die.

“He was very lucky,” said K.C. Jones, a former Celtics standout, and coach. “He had the angels on his side.”
Pierce testified that he was chatting with some women at the club when he was attacked by the group of men. It seemed like one of the ladies was related to the attackers.

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Each of the men was acquitted of attempted murder, two of them were charged and the third attacker, Anthony Hurston, was acquitted of all charges. The one that was found guilty of executing the stabbing was William Ragland. He was ordered to serve seven to ten years in prison, while his accomplice, Trevor Watson was given one year in jail for hitting and kicking Pierce that night.

But however, Ragland at the 2002 trial said that he didn’t do it. “The people that stabbed him are out on the street.”

After recovery, Paul Pierce went on to play all 82 games that year, while averaging 25 points, 6.4 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1.7 steals per game.

He proudly displays a tattoo on his arm that shows a dagger going through a basketball!
“It represents how close I came to lose my life. Basketball is my gift and my curse. Obviously, there are all the good things that come from playing basketball, but you also must deal with all the negative things that come with being a basketball player. You have people who are envious,” he told famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz in an exclusive interview for our sister magazine Boston Common.

“When I was attacked, my life flashed before my eyes,” he continued. “You ponder all your relationships, your family. It helps you grow so much as an individual knowing that it can all end in a second at any given time. I still worry about my safety, but I live a different lifestyle now. I have a child now, and I think about that first. Her name is Prianna Lee. I had my first child the year I won a championship.”, said Paul Pierce.

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