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“If I wasn't on the court, I was in the locker room spinning records or in the "lab" producing” — Shaquille O'Neal on becoming DJ Diesel

Kobe Bryant and many others thought Shaq's off the court activities limited him as a basketball player. The Big Aristotle respectfully disagrees.
Shaquille O'Neal a.k.a. Dj Diesel

Shaquille O'Neal a.k.a. DJ Diesel

The main conflict between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal was their level of dedication to basketball. For Bryant, it was the only thing that mattered. For Shaq, it was the most important thing, but not the only thing in his life.

While Kobe was watching film, working out, and pestering Michael Jordan with questions in the offseason, Shaq was starring in movies, partying, and above all else, making music. 

Life is about balance

The moment Inside the NBA is done, Shaq ramps up his DJ Tour. For the second time, he's in Croatia where DJ Diesel is the opening act at a new seaside club. For Shaq, music is another way to bring joy to fans, and have a great time doing so. 

Growing up with a basketball enabled me to become a great player, but it wasn't easy becoming a successful DJ. After I finished my career, it took months of preparation, research, and dedication to get to where I am today. I love to make people smile, I love to communicate with them and create a moment that feels like eternity. I try to create all that in my DJ set,” said DJ Diesel to Tena Sarčević

"SHAQ FU" is still a legendary album that made O'Neal the only athlete with a platinum record. That doesn't happen by accident; it takes a lot of time, thought, and effort. A lot of people, including Kobe, thought Shaq should've spent that time working on his body and game. The Big Aristotle has a different life philosophy.

”Life is about balance. It's about achieving multiple things, but doing it in a balanced way. As well as you can manage your time, the more you can achieve. Of course, it was challenging to find the time, but it's what you need to do to be successful.” Shaq explained. 

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“If I wasn't on the court, I was in the locker room spinning records or in the "lab" producing. The fact I turned it into a career I have today I consider a blessing.” 

Shaquille O'Neal, Jutarnji List

Like Game 7 of the NBA Finals

Out of all the viral Shaq videos we have, him grooving at Tomorrowland definitely makes every top list. As he explains it, performing at Tomorrowland for a DJ is the ultimate stamp of approval - it's the Wimbledon of the DJ world. 

It was very important for DJ Diesel to go there and grow as a DJ, but what made the experience authentically Shaquilistic was the fact he wasn't in the VIP, separated from all other music lovers. Nope, the most dominant player in NBA history went down to the mosh pit.

“To be honest, it was everything for me, a dream come true. The moment the crowd got hooked to the music, they kept the energy up like it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals, which pumped me up more and more...So I had to get in the mosh pit and get it going.”

Seeing this video, no one is surprised that Shaq as a fan, and DJ Diesel as a performer, are zoned in on bass. ”Everything about hard bass, dubstep, and trap excites me. It's the energy I want and need, so I listen to it on the plane, in the car, the gym, and everywhere else. You may not consider dubstep as "relaxing," but to each his own!

Could Shaq have achieved more if he had invested all his time and focus in basketball? Maybe, but not necessarily so. Not everyone has the same path to reach their maximum potential on the court. But what we know for sure is that Shaq has mastered living a full life after basketball ended - a lot of players fail at that. 

The man, the myth, the legend, Dr. Shaquille O'Neal a.k.a. DJ Diesel. 

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