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Ice Cube gives Steph Curry acting advice as he plans to 'jump into Hollywood' after NBA — ”You first got to believe”

Curry did not laugh one bit when he asked for advice. So Ice Cube outright knew that the NBA superstar wasn’t playing. Hence, the Hollywood star obliged
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and Ice Cube

Steph Curry and Ice Cube

The greatest three-point shooter of all time, a two-time scoring champ, four-time NBA champion, and a two-time MVP… these are some of the stuff we all know about Steph Curry. However, some may not know that Steph has a secret desire for acting.

Hollywood Steph

Over the years, we’ve seen a host of NBA stars jump into the big screen. To name a few, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Dennis Rodman all had their fair share of Hollywood fame at one point. That’s not a big thing.

However, Curry’s case has the potential to pave the way for hoopers who have a thing for acting because apparently, Steph is contemplating pursuing an acting career when his playing years are over.

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In a video recording sent to “In Depth with Graham Bensinger,” Curry discussed his plan to “jump into Hollywood” after his NBA career. The Golden State Warriors star also took the opportunity to ask a thing or two about acting from Los Angeles-based rap icon, Big 3 founder and veteran actor Ice Cube, who was the guest on the said show.

I feel like I might have a little legs after my basketball days are done to jump into Hollywood a little bit so what are your top tips on how to be a great actor?,” Curry said in the video, addressing the question to Ice Cube.

Cube got your back

Curry did not laugh one bit when he asked for advice. So Ice Cube outright knew that the NBA superstar wasn’t playing. Hence, the Hollywood star obliged.

According to Ice Cube, Steph could go to an acting school to hone his acting skills, but when it comes down it, he has to “believe, stand up and deliver.

Wow! I think you have to be honest. You know, to be a good actor, you have to know how to bring the emotion of the character to life by acquainting it somehow to your life experiences,” Ice Cube explained. “A lot of guys go to school for it and a lot of guys use their natural ability and I think both of them are okay. [But] you first got to believe and stand up and deliver.

For sure, die-hard Steph Curry fans are already picturing him on the big screen. Until then, we can just wait for how things will play out as Steph is still undeniably in his prime.

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