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"Hustle" director teases Anthony Edwards as the lead character in the film's potential sequel

According to Jeremiah Zagar, Ant nailed stuff “seasoned actors have trouble with.”
Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards

Sports drama “Hustle,” which stars Adam Sandler, has been getting a lot of praise from film critics and basketball fans alike. Film director Jeremiah Zagar revealed some interesting tidbits on the making of the film, particularly regarding Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards, who’s one of the film’s antagonists.

Ant goes to Hollywood

Edwards plays Kermit Wilts, a top NBA prospect and rival to protagonist Bo Cruz played by Utah Jazz forward Juancho Hernangomez. Zagar revealed that Edwards did a good job slipping into the role of the villain. So much so that he helped in crafting his dialogue.

Anthony would rewrite his lines with Juancho on the day of shooting to make sure they felt like him,” Zagar said, per Insider.

Zagar recalled a particular sequence in the film where Edwards was able to deliver his lines perfectly. The scene required some technical camera movement, which, according to Zagar, creates difficulties even for veteran actors. But Edwards is just a natural in front of the camera.

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And the way Anthony was able to deliver his line perfectly every time as that camera moved around is something that seasoned actors have trouble with. So right away you were like, ‘Oh my god!’

Hustle 2?

Zagar also discussed more of the Kermit character. According to him, the character has multiple dimensions. He’s not just your typical bad guy in any fictional narrative. Zagar even teased that if a sequel were to be made, Edwards would take center stage.

If Kermit is just a villain he’s uninteresting, but if he’s an anti-hero, which is how I see him, if he’s more like Michael Jordan than some kind of two-dimensional character, he’s more exciting. That’s what Anthony brought,” Zagar said. “That realism and swagger.

Obviously, it’s a matter of wait-and-see if Netflix orders a sequel. Given the rave reviews of the film, there’s a good possibility that happens. And let’s not forget that Edwards has captured the hearts of fans in his interviews. The man is just funny as hell. Here’s to hoping Edwards stars in Hustle 2 and many more Hollywood flicks.

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