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How the NBA prepares Draft prospects for dealing with women: "Give me a key, and I'll meet you in your room."

A crazy story from Salley about the NBA preparing the up and coming players for the NBA lifestyle.
John Salley

John Salley

The lifestyle of an NBA player is luxurious, and there is no way about it. The fame and money change the life of all the young guys entering the league, and it gives you multiple opportunities. But there are also some hidden traps and distractions that can derail careers. That's why it's very important to educate the guys entering the league on handling their new life, and John Salley shared a great example of it.


Handling money and women throwing themselves at you with good or bad intentions are the most notorious traps players in the NBA can fall into, and it's extremely important the prospect learn how to resist the temptations, as it can end very badly.

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That's why the NBA organizes events, like the NBA pre-draft, in which they educate the young stars on various challenges of the NBA life. Former NBA player John Salley took part in that event, as he shared a genius tactic of teaching the guys what can happen if they trust anyone:

"The NBA pre-draft is a set-up...They have 3 of the hottest girls in flight attendant outfits walk in and go: 'Oh, you're such and such, give me a key, and I'll meet you in your room.' And dudes are like: 'My room, 7:25'. When they get back to their room, everything they own is gone...By the 3rd day, they open it, and all their stuff is on stage, and the girls come out as actresses, and they are embarrassed.

John Salley, The Adam Carolla Show

It seems like the NBA goes all out on this, and kudos to them. Being at that age and getting the attention of pretty women can make you lose all sense and logic. So much you give your key to a stranger. Having their stuff stolen for a few days until they reveal the set-up and lesson is a genius way of embraiding the consequences in their mind for life.

That way, when the situation actually happens during their careers, the players will be mindful and protect themselves from anything bad happening to them. After all, the NBA goes so much deeper than basketball.


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