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"Hey, LeBron! You fuc***g suck!" — Eddy Curry shares LeBron James' surprising reaction to a Boston fan insulting him to his face

LeBron has definetly changed over the years.
LeBron James, Eddy Curry, and a Boston Celtics fan

LeBron James, Eddy Curry, and a Boston Celtics fan

Even though LeBron James has been the face of the NBA for almost the past 20 years, he is still, to this day, the most hated athlete in the world. With time it's apparent that LeBron has adjusted to the scrutiny and hate, but it wasn't always like that.

Taking it personal

In a recent episode of The Shop, LeBron shared what we already know, saying Boston is his least favorite place to play in the whole NBA. The constant torching of the Celtics over the year made that pretty apparent, but James would even go a step further, calling the city "racist as f*ck."

Not much has changed, but it seems the beef between LeBron and Boston started early in his career. LeBron's former teammate and friend, Eddy Curry, shared a story of "The King" getting insulted by a Boston fan right to his face when they were younger and the surprising reaction that ensued.

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"Some fans walked up to him(LeBron) when we was walking in Boston. And one of the fans walked up like: 'Hey LeBron!' and he thought he was gonna be like: 'Can I get an autograph or something?' He said: 'Hey, LeBron! You fuc***g suck!' Like right to his face, bro. And it fuc**d LeBron up. To the point, we had to tell him like: 'Man, you're LeBron James, bro.' But he cares so much about the game and what people think of him cause he puts so much into it. He doesn't understand why people don't like him, how somebody just couldn't like him."

Eddy Curry, djvlad

You might've expected LeBron to get heated or try to confront the fan for disrespecting him, but it went a completely different way. James got down with his feelings hurt because he couldn't believe somebody could not like him. It got to the point people around him had to encourage and console him, reminding him who he was at the end of the day.

This must have been a young and green version of LeBron James that didn't quite yet understand how the world works. Not everybody can love you, especially when you are in the spotlight. That probably helped him become the man he is today, as he definitely wouldn't take that kind of disrespect nowadays.

But now, he for sure isn't worried about all the people that hate him because, at the same time, he has even more people that adore him and see a role model in one of the best players in NBA history.

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