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Hasan Minhaj learned the hard way you shouldn't sprint at Michael Jordan


There are tiers in the celebrity world, and there are those you don’t just approach anywhere, anytime. Michael Jordan is on that level, and comedian Hasan Minhaj learned the hard way not to expect a high-five from His Airness.

Encounter at the casino

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the American comedian recalled trying to meet Michael Jordan at a casino. Given MJ’s penchant for gambling, it’s not hard to believe the story. Like any other fan who grew up in the 90s and watched the Chicago Bulls dynasty, Minhaj wanted to have a moment with the GOAT. 

There are instances where people think they saw a celebrity, but it was just a look-a-like. Minhaj knew this was MJ due to the number of bodyguards the basketball Hall-of-Famer had. Plus, it’s easy to recognize Mike with his global stature as an NBA icon and business magnate. So Hasan wanted to high-five MJ, but his approach landed him on the floor.

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“I just see him and I sprint towards Mike. And I just reach out. I’m reaching out for a high five. Like, I want his chocolaty hand to touch my chocolaty hand. Just like validate me. And he sees me. Then he nods to his security guard, and his security guard grabs me by the neck, just lifts me up and boom! Just body slams me into the ground and the whole casino stops.”

Hasan Minhaj, ">The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Given the circumstances, MJ and his security made the right call. Hasan Minhaj is a celebrity, but Jordan probably didn’t know who he was. The NBA legend was unsure, so it’s best to let the security handle it. After all, Jordan wasn’t sure of Minhaj’s true intentions when he decided to sprint towards him. He could have been one of those overzealous fans who are borderline obsessive.

MJ and other comedians

Mike is cool with other celebrities and comedians. He plays golf and goes to the casino with some of them. Kevin Hart, a four-time All-Star Celebrity Game MVP, shared that Mike didn’t like his jokes about him at a charity event in Las Vegas. Jordan squeezed his hand so hard and never met him since. It seems Mike is still taking things way too personal. 

Minhaj had to learn the hard way that there are levels to being a celebrity. The MJ encounter didn't end well for the comedian, and next time, he should things differently. But whatever Minhaj does, he better not sprint at the next celebrity he comes across -- that's just common sense

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