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Greg Popovich on what is the most important thing people need to realize about Tim Duncan's greatness

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A couple of years after he retired, we'll have the privilege to see Tim Duncan back with the Spurs as an assistant coach to Greg Popovich. It was never questioned whether the Spurs have a place in their organization for the best player in their franchise history, and we're happy to see Duncan back within a new role.

The relationship between Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich has lasted for over 20 years now, and it's definitely one of the most iconic relationships between a coach and a player in NBA history. After it was announced Tim Duncan will become an assistant coach, Popovich jokingly said Duncan is returning him a favor.

"It's only fitting, that after I served loyally for 19 years as Tim Duncan's assistant, that he returns the favor."

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The relationship between the two evolved during the years and it was definitely a fruitful one, and during Duncan's retirement ceremony, Popovich said one of the most heartwarming things about his former player.

"The most important comment I can make about TD is that I can honestly say, to Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, who have passed, is that man right there is exactly the same person now as he was when he walked in the door."

Duncan was known around the league as someone who is not impressed by the massive fame he gained after he became one of the best power forwards in the NBA. Quite contrary he was always very distant from the media and the spotlight some players enjoyed very much. All of that wasn't very interesting to Duncan and this is also one of the main reasons many fans truly appreciated the greatness of Tim Duncan.

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