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Grant Hill shares a story of Shaq's locker room antics -- "We in the showers, and he goes to J-Rich: 'You got a fat ass man!'"

Every day was something new with Shaq in the lockerroom!
Jason Richardson, Shaquille O'Neal, and Grant Hill

Jason Richardson, Shaquille O'Neal, and Grant Hill

Shaquille O'Neal might be one of the best and most dominant forces the NBA has ever seen, but outside of his basketball skill and legacy, Shaq is famous in the whole world because of his comedic nature. Ever since entering the league to his days at TNT, O'Neal was always viewed as a big kid, telling jokes, pulling pranks, doing various crazy stuff, and bringing a smile to everyone's face.

Locker room sheeneningans

Shaq was always the guy that would put it on himself to bring the spirits up in the locker room, make his teammates laugh, and do something new every day. Especially later in his career, when he became more of a role player. Shaq's time with the Phoenix Suns is the perfect example of that.

Shaq only spent a season and a half in the desert, playing some good basketball and even making his last All-Star game in 2009. But the stories that came out of that period are pure gold. We heard about Shaq choking out Gordan Giricek before a game or him wrestling his teammates naked in the locker room, but this story from Grant Hill is just another classic.

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One of the biggest what-if players in NBA history, Grant Hill was supposed to be the next big thing, but injuries derailed that career. Still, Hill managed to play out his career as a valuable role player on the Magic and the Suns. He also had a chance to play with Shaq in Phoenix.

The other day, on the ALL THE SMOKE Podcast, Hill revealed a hilarious story regarding Shaq and Jason Richardson in the showers.

"I remember one time, man, Shaq. So bad I can't repeat this, man. We in the showers after practice, and he goes to J-Rich:' J-Rich, you got a fat ass, man.' I'm like, how do you come back? What does J-Rich do, man? Shaq was just funny, nasty, crazy."

Grant Hill, ALL THE SMOKE Podcast

I'm pretty sure Richardson didn't appreciate that type of compliment from Shaq, especially while being in the showers. But that's just who Shaq was. He wasn't afraid to make other people laugh at the expense of making someone uncomfortable, and it worked as Grant Hill, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes all died laughing at the story. Just a big kid with an enormous heart.

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