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Gary Payton, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Edwards headline this year’s Jimmy Kimmel “NBA Mean Tweets” edition

Most guys had a great sense of humor about it, but don't be messing with Gary Payton!
Gary Payton

Gary Payton

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel and his production crew produce a segment entitled "Mean Tweets" where they feature their celebrity guest reading very, well, mean tweets sent their way on Twitter.

On this year's Mean Tweets NBA Edition, Kimmel and his crew called up the likes of Russell Westbrook, Ja Morant, Jalen Green, Evan Mobley, Darius Garland, Saddiq Bey, Anthony Edwards, Franz Wagner, Jalen Suggs, Andre Drummond, Dejounte Murray, Jarrett Allen, Scottie Barnes, Tyrese Haliburton, and Gary Payton.

Most of the tweets these players read are those you usually stumble across on Twitter. But if there's one thing you don't see, it's the reaction of these corresponding players to the actual tweets. Here are a few of the most hilarious ones.

Russell Westbrook's abysmal fashion choices

"Russell Westbrook dresses like my 70-year-old uncle with a timeshare in Florida" - @GayJigga

Aside from his performance on the court, Westbrook is no stranger to criticisms about his fashion choices. Luckily, Brodie took it as a sport, laughed it off, and replied by saying he does look like a fresh 70-year-old if that's the case.

Maybe Russ didn't take offense to this because he's well aware that his clothing line entitled "Honor The Gift" is doing quite well. All these years, Westbrook has been unfazed whenever people mock his fashion choices.

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Anthony Edwards' playing style

"When we gonna start taking about the Anthony Edwards problem? He don't run. He don't defend. He don't rebound. He can't shoot," - @suckerfish890

A casual stated that Edwards doesn't do anything productive on the court, but it only looked like a bad diss after the rising All-Star pointed out the major typo on the sender's tweet. Edwards' reply was simple: "... we can start taking about it now, whatever that means."

Yikes. It must be rough to be called out like that. The funniest part is that Edwards didn't hold back as he tweeted back and mentioned @suckerfish890 when this video was published on Monday.

Andre Drummond, the musician

"Andre Drummond has the look of a musician who decided to give pro basketball a try in his early-to-mid 30's," - @thereitstuff

This was by far subjectively the funniest part of the video — Drummond being compared to a musician based on his get-up. In fairness to this so-called "mean tweet," Drummond has appeared and even rapped in multiple music videos. So it's not surprising to watch Drummond laugh it off and continue. It's not considered a diss if it's all facts. 

Gary Payton, old Kanye

"Why does Gary Payton look like an aged Kanye West?" 

You know, the moment Gary read it, I kinda' saw it. No surprise, The Glove vehemently disagreed, and countered it with a passionate "I'm pretty." He's no Denzel but is a comparison to Kanye such an insult?

Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan in action against the Boston Celtics

“They never won the championship when they had 28 teams and so much parity in the league” - Michael Jordan once dissed the Boston Celtics’ early championships

While the C's are always praised for being a historic franchise and having the most championships many, including Michael Jordan, feel there's a caveat in regards to their achievements.

(11) Dwight Howard, (10) Kobe Bryant, (6) LeBron James and (5)Jason Kidd react on the bench

"They're totally different as far as their personalities" - Dwight Howard on the biggest differences between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

According to DH12, one preferred to be straightforward and quiet, while the other was the type to blast music and let his work do the talking.

LeBron James

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San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (right) and teammate Stephen Jackson (3) talk to each other

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Houston Rockets' big man Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson

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