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Gary Payton opens up about random people trash-talking him: 'They’ll see me somewhere and then they’ll say something'

Payton admitted that sometimes, he’d “go along with it and have fun with it.” However, he is also well aware that “sometimes, you just have to let it go because some people let it get out of hand”
Seattle Supersonics former player Gary Payton

Gary Payton

As we all know, Gary Payton is not only an NBA Hall of Famer and a multi-time All-Star. Certainly, “The Glove” doesn’t have a trophy, but he’s undeniably the MVP of trash-talking. In fact, he’s arguably the GOAT of that category. With that in mind, we can’t help but wonder if Payton ever gets taunted by fans or some random people in public places. Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes.

A lot of people want a piece of The Glove’s specialty

According to the man himself, some people do run up on him in random places and would “say something” to tick him off. More often than not, Payton said these people are hoping to see if he could “trash talk everywhere.”

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“Yeah, that’s a lot of people’s main thing. They’ll see me somewhere and then they’ll say something to try to get me to go back and forth with them,” Payton told Hoopshype in 2020. “Then, they’re like, “This is all I wanted! This is why I came up to you! They always say that you trash-talked a lot on the court, so we wanted to hear it and see if you trash talk everywhere!” You know if it’s someone who is trying to egg you on to do something. A lot of people, a lot of fans, will do things just because they want to see if they can push your buttons.”

Payton admitted that sometimes, he’d “go along with it and have fun with it.” However, he is also well aware that “sometimes, you just have to let it go because some people let it get out of hand.”

Only a few people can match Payton’s trash talk in the NBA

While a handful of random people take a jab at Payton outside the NBA, things were the opposite on the court. In fact, “The Glove” said most NBA players “didn’t usually come back at him” when he torched them with his sick trash-talking.

However, Payton revealed that a select few made the cut and were surprisingly good trash-talkers too.

“Reggie Miller’s trash-talking was good, Michael Jordan’s was good,” Payton said. “I only got to see Larry Bird twice in two years and he was hurt, really, most of the time. But when he did get on the floor with me, he had a lot of nice ones…Then, Kevin Garnett got onto the scene and he would start with his talking,” he continued. “Those were the main ones.”

Having heard Payton’s revelations, we can assume that he doesn’t take random trash talks personally. However, just make sure that you have a couple of good ones in case “The Glove” hits back. 

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