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Fat Joe blasts Ben Simmons, calls him the “biggest loser in the universe”


American rapper Fat Joe blasted Ben Simmons for his continued refusal to play for the 76ers. Fat Joe called Simmons the “biggest loser in the universe” after the forward incurred around $10 million in fines for not playing. If that’s the basis, then there’s a bigger loser in the NBA, and it’s not the 76ers player.

Fat Joe vs. NBA players

Fat Joe, whose hits include “Flow Joe,” “Envy,” and “What’s Love,” had been beefing with NBA players even before calling Ben the biggest loser in the universe. A proclaimed New York Knicks fan; no one is safe from his tirades. In 2019, Joe

Fat Joe keeps it real when asked about KD and Kyrie choosing the Nets over the Knicks

"They didn't want that smoke"

(via @SInow)

— Knicks Videos (@sny_knicks) December 4, 2019

">blasted Kevin Durant for choosing to play for Brooklyn instead of New York. “They ain’t want that New York Knick pressure. They didn’t want that media attention…They didn’t want that, so they said, alright, we want New York, but let’s do the lesser of the drama.

So given his history, it’s not surprising Fat Joe attacked the Australian socialite, especially because the reason for Simmons not playing remains vague.

“The Biggest Loser in the universe is Ben Simmons. What the f**k he doing? What’d he say? He can’t come back and play? Like, Ben Simmons, biggest jerk. He done lost too much money or whatever the case may be.”

Fat Joe,

Fat Joe calls Ben Simmons ‘the biggest loser in the universe’

(h/t @AhnFireDigital )

— NBA Central (@TheNBACentral) January 1, 2022

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">NBA Central

The Philadelphia 76ers suffer, the fans lose the chance to see their max player, the NBA misses its star, and the player hemorrhages money due to fines. There is no clear winner here, and the stalemate is expected to continue indefinitely. 

Fat Joe, aka Joseph Antonio Cartagena, had celebrated Philadelphia’s downfall before. In October 2021, he celebrated the Knicks’ win over the Sixers with a fan. 

Simmons ain’t the biggest loser 

Is Fat Joe correct in his assumptions that Simmons is the biggest loser in the universe? If we’re talking about financial loss, Kyrie Irving should be no.1 on Fat Joe’s list. The Brooklyn Nets star reportedly loses $380,000 per missed game due to his refusal to get vaccinated. The Nets have played 34 games so far, which means Irving has lost around $12.9 million and counting, not to mention all the endorsement deals he might have lost because of his stand on vaccination. 

Kyrie is a bigger star than Simmons, and the consequences of his absence in the game have been less damaging for the All-Star assembled Brooklyn Nets. Still, both teams seem like a lock for a playoffs appearance. The Nets are second in the East, while the Sixers are sixth in the standings. 

The thing is, the regular season has shown that both teams are not Finals contenders without their max-players on the court. The Nets have acquiesced and agreed to allow Kyrie to play in away games, so at least they’ll get some of his production back. The Sixers, on the other hand, seem determined in waiting for that home run trade.

Let’s see if Daryl Morey can pull a rabbit out of his hat and trade the “biggest loser in the NBA.”

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