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Dwyane Weed smoking what looked like marijuana could be a marketing gimmick


This 2022, say goodbye to Dwyane Wade and hello to Dwyane Weed as ex-Miami Heat star was caught on video smoking marijuana at his party. Fans had mixed reactions, some negative, while others thought it might be a marketing gimmick. 

Wade smoking at his birthday party 

The Flash recently celebrated his birthday with the Banana Boat crew minus Chris Paul. Wade was seated in the middle with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James on either side of the birthday boy. The King was smoking a cigar while Wade was smoking what looked like a joint. You be the judge. 

We’re not sure if it was a marijuana joint or others, but social media commenters had mixed responses. Some claimed it ruined D-Wade’s image as a role model to the youth, while others accepted his behavior. Wade’s a grown man, after all, who needs no permission from anyone what he wants to do with his life outside the NBA. However, fans should not be surprised as Dwyane had been vocal in his support of cannabis use in the past. 

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Marketing gimmick?

The 3-time NBA champion collaborated with Jeeter, a California-based brand, to release a limited-edition cannabis line in 2021. It featured three exclusive strains and was part of the promotions for Wade’s photographic memoir entitled “Dwyane.”

If this is part of a marketing strategy to get people to know that Wade is smoking weed and has a business venture connected to it, the move worked. He had been tweeting in support of cannabis use in the past, supporting athletes fighting for removing the substance from the banned list. (not that the NBA is testing for it)

Many NBA players, coaches, and team executives probably smoke weed for recreational or medical use. In football, there’s already a changing perception of cannabis use. Meanwhile, NBA players hope there will come a day that they will not get penalized or suspended for testing positive for marijuana.

Melo and LeBron are still under contract and have obligations to their sponsors. In five years, when all the Banana Boat crew have retired already, maybe we can see Bron, Melo, Wade, and CP3 smoking blunts on their Instagram stories. 

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