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Derrick Rose ranks as the third most influential player in the NBA according to a study

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose's mom still has his MVP trophy

Derrick Rose's career is playing out like the last songs of Johnny Cash. Cherished to still be alive but completely miserable. But to rank third with a 9.29 score speaks to our attraction of the underdog and better, the comeback. Who says a player's influence can't be summed up in a score? Thanks to some NBA nerds like myself at The Action Network, 20 unique factors across three core metrics have provided a researched report of the… 

Top 20 Most Marketable Players In The NBA:

Name/ Influence Score

1. LeBron James: 14.18

2. Steph Curry: 10.67

3. Derrick Rose: 9.29 

4. Devin Booker: 8.96

5. Luka Docic: 8.83

6. Giannis Antetokoumnpo: 8.59

7. Kevin Durant: 8.55

8. Kyrie Irving: 8.17

9. LaMelo Ball: 8.04

10. Russell Westbrook: 7.78

11. Ja Morant: 7.67

12. James Harden: 7.56

13. Anthony Davis: 7.52

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14. Damian Lillard: 7.52

15. Chris Paul: 7.51

16. Klay Thompson: 7.47

17. Jayson Tatum: 7.40

18. Ben Simmons: 7.32

19. Zach Lavine: 7.31

20. Zion Williamson: 7.18

From a business perspective, influence = endorsement potential. As indicated in the paper, researchers explored each player's social, audience, and likeability performance. This led to the 'NBA Influence Score' index being created to reveal which star has the greatest reach, engagement, and consumer attractiveness. Or in other words, which NBA players give businesses the most bang for their buck? 

What sticks out the most?

There are a few options on this ballot so pick wisely.

  1. Jayson Tatum is all the way at 17!

Okay, he doesn't have the rings and is still young, and we're a little fatigued by the Boston problems, but cmon, they have Devin Booker at four? Sure it's only a 1.56 difference, but what has he done to etch out the All-NBA player. I guess one Finals trip does that? Ah, who are we kidding? It's because he's dating Kendall Jenner. 

2. Anthony Davis doesn't resonate with the fans the way his resume should…

1x Champion, made NBA 75th Anniversary team, plays in a massive market, and is still 29 years old. So what's stopping him from passing a Ja Morant who only broke out this season?

Again that's pretty easy to answer. Ja is the definition of electrifying. In Davis' first 7 seasons in the league, he had a worse unibrow than Bert from Bert and Ernie. Mix that with a need to audition as a shot victim for NCIS every time he falls over; this might not be that strange. 

3. Rose at 3?

When the Basketball Gods chose to swipe the rug from under Derrick Rose's promising career - well more from under his knees - it became the saddest story of the decade. Maybe he didn't deserve MVP, ok he didn't, but to even be a candidate and win proves he was a legitimate superstar. 

So from watching the raw footage of him discovering he was traded out of Chicago, to him persevering through six different teams, NY twice, drop the 50 piece, emerge as the best player on his team in the Hawks series and still play every game like it could be his last, it's inspiring. It sucks that he only has been an All-Star three times. It sucks that he's younger than Stephen Curry. But he hasn't given up on his career, and the fans haven't either.

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