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Dennis Rodman shows how women chase NBA players during his playing days for the Chicago Bulls

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In the mid-'90s, apart from Michael JordanDennis Rodman was perhaps the most popular NBA player. Known as one of the best rebounders and defenders in the league, Rodman's popularity to a certain degree came from his appearance on the front covers of all the tabloid newspapers of that time. To this day, he is still one of the most excentric players that ever played the game and was, during the '90s, even considered a sex icon.

Living as an NBA player is truly a privilege because of all the things that fraternity brings. Money, women, and the ability to play the game you love are all factors that make that lifestyle look appealing. In an older interview for a TV show Dateline back in 1996, Rodman gives more insight into his popularity and what women are willing to do to get in bed with him.

Rodman was always a pretty straightforward person when it came to many topics, but he said one powerful statement about the NBA and what it's all about during the interview.

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"Fifty percent of life in the NBA is sex; the other fifty percent is money. And it doesn't matter in which city."

Dennis Rodman, Via Dateline

In the interview, Dateline's crew follows Rodman around the bars and nightclubs in Chicago, where women are pretty much throwing themself at him every moment. Rodman received offers for one-night stands directly and described these women in a way that would be considered incredibly sexist today.

It's like in the meat bargain. You have your fresh choice, and you got this, you got that. You have all kinds of cuts.

Dennis Rodman, Via Dateline

Rodman never cared what other people think of him and what he did off the court because you knew that he would be ready to compete when it's game time. Rodman loved to socialize and be surrounded by beautiful women at all times, and from this video, it's evident they weren't shy to show him that affection.

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