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"She wasn't an acrobat, but she wasn't a dead fish either" — Dennis Rodman on his sexual relationship with Madonna

Dennis Rodman also claimed Madonna wanted to have babies with him.
Dennis Rodman and Madonna

Dennis Rodman, Madonna

Not only did Dennis Rodman win five NBA Championship rings; he also had a fruitful life off the court. So much so that he had a relationship with Madonna, one of the most popular and influential artists of all time. 

Rodman on Madonna

In his autobiography, "Bad as I Wanna Be," Rodman detailed, among other things, his relationship with Madonna. The details Rodman shared involved Madonna’s dreams of having a baby with him. Rodman also rated Madonna’s performance in bed.

"Madonna talked all the time about having a baby. I think she wanted every bit of Dennis Rodman--marriage, kids, everything," Rodman said.

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In Madonna’s desire to have a baby with the Chicago Bulls forward, Rodman said that she would not allow him to use protection. According to Rodman, sex with Madonna wasn’t "wild, crazy, and kinky. It was just very entertaining. She wasn't an acrobat, but she wasn't a dead fish either."

This may be too much information to disclose—whatever happens in your bedroom should stay in your bedroom. That being said, Rodman certainly shared some spicy details about his relationship with the pop legend. Such details will keep his fans entertained for the time being.

Rodman and Electra

Madonna is just one of the several high-profile celebrities that Rodman dated. Perhaps the most documented was his relationship with supermodel Carmen Electra. The two actually tied the knot, and their relationship was so popular that Electra was interviewed in the sports documentary "The Last Dance."

One of the best moments of the documentary was when Michael Jordan picked up Rodman in Las Vegas. Electra recalled hiding behind the couch. Jordan then told Rodman that they had to head back to Chicago to practice.

Some are wondering how Rodman would fare in the social media age where everyone has access to everything — even celebrities' personal lives. For sure, the tabloids back in the day failed to report on everything Rodman did. So one can’t help but wonder what other antics he engaged in or if any, the women he dated out of the public's eye.

Rodman is certainly one of the most interesting players to ever grace the NBA hardcourts. The man was a member of the notorious Detroit Pistons Bad Boys. He also teamed up with the GOAT Michael Jordan. Outside his basketball life, the man hung out in clubs and dated the finest women. Rodman has definitely had one heck of a wild ride. 


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