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Chuck has been going commando for 10 years

Can you honestly say you are surprised? Even if you don't agree with him, you love Charles. He is one of the most likable people on TV mostly because he has no filter and speaks his mind. With Chuck, you know you are getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us, God. Sometimes, there may be too much information, but it is always entertaining. The last one came with Chuck was a guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The interview started off with some standard questions about Chuck's awful golf swing, then we learned about all the charity work he is doing in his home state of Alabama. In the end, Fallon asked about his relationship with Shaq. (No really, it truly is awful)

“Do you and Shaq really hate each other?” asked Fallon, to which Barkley replied “It's not tricky, I hate him. It's not tricky at all. He's a bully! He thinks because he is big, he's a big ol' Shrek lookalike, he thinks he can just talk down to people." While technically he does talk down to everyone, we get the message. Chuck added, “I'm faking it if they didn't pay me I wouldn't work with the goof.” Then Fallon moved to a video question from a fan called Shaquille.

“Charles Barkley, a source close to me tells me you don't wear underwear when you are live on TV. How come you don't wear draws?” If you know Charles, you know he was not going to deny it. As forthcoming as he is, Chuck explained “Jimmy about 10 years ago, about 10 years ago I found that underwear, draws, in the south, we call them draws, I thought they were unnecessary for space in the house so I got all my draws together and had a big ol' bonfire. I've been 10 years without underwear and I feel good about it Jimmy."

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P.S. I always wondered why is it called going commando? Ricky Gervais explained it best in his stand-up

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