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Charles Oakley claims money was involved when Knicks owner James Dolan kicked him out of MSG


While appearing on Draymond Green’s podcast, former Knicks All-Star and full-time enforcer Charles Oakley, told Green that there was more beneath the surface when Oakley was thrown out of the Garden. In case your the 0.001% of people who have never seen that clip, here's a reminder.

As analyzed during Jerry West’s ticket removal incident, once former greats of a franchise become so openly disrespected by the very team they bled for, then mayhem ensues on every level. So you don’t have to remember too hard how Knicks fans reacted to statements like this. 

Which only took a severe turn for the worse…

The slave master does what he wants because he has money?

But are the fans just sticking up for their revered big man of old to attack a detested owner? NBA wouldn’t be biased, would they?

Draymond thought differently. “There's a way legends should be treated”, he contended to Oakley, “you can never take the situation back”. Oakley appreciated the sentiment, a position Green has held from the very beginning, even once calling Dolan a “slave master” for his actions. Then Oakley paid respect.

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When you did that, LeBron, Wade… guys who know what should be right - yall stood up for me,” Oakley established. “It’s bad what he did, in front of that many people… money was involved, he felt like he got bigger and thought he could do what he wanted…It’s just sad to see someone doing something like that in this day and time… I did nothing wrong, if I did I would have been man enough to have a press conference and say ‘all yall who had my back, I’m sorry I was wrong’ but trust me, he was wrong,” said the Oak Tree. 

Keep in mind that even the biggest fans in the world still had their quarrels with Dolan’s treatment, even going as far as to say the owner harassed them. 

Everyone gets their due

Draymond Green was very open to wanting to see a form of retribution for this, declaring, “I look forward to that day coming because I think everyone should get what they’re due.” 

He continued having his idols back as in Green’s words, “because for you, for African Americans as a whole, for legends like yourself who are mistreated in some of these organizations… guys put their bodies on the line, you give up time with your children, you give up time with your family. Like the money is great. But the money isn’t everything. How you’re treated like a human being goes way further than money. So I want to continue to watch this play out but hopefully, see you get what your due so that can start a precedent for guys who have done so much for these organizations

Do you think the support Oakley got was fair? According to ‘one fan’s report - Oakley was drunk’. But the below footage taken moments after says otherwise.

Maybe not, considering it’s not Oakley’s first incident with security post-retirement.

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