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Charles Barkley is a big fan of Russell Westbrook: "Even MJ didn't play as hard as Westbrook does"

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Russell Westbrook is definitely one of the most versatile and athletic point guards in NBA history. One important part of his success is the emotion and competitiveness that drives him every game which is something not seen so often around the NBA. This is something Charles Barkley also recognized when talking about the toughest players he's seen so far.

In an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Barkley compared the eras and said players like Stephen Curry, Kevin Duran would be banged up, however, when asked about Westbrook Barkley immediately said that is a player you don't want to mess around with. Barkley also said something very interested when comparing Westbrook to Jordan himself. According to Barkley, Jordan didn't play as hard as Westbrook does on a nightly basis.

"That's a fight you're not looking for, that's a man. If you don't respect or admire Russell Westbrook there is something wrong with you. I've never seen a player give maximum effort every single night like him, and I played against the greatest. Not even Michael Jordan. Even MJ didn't play as hard as Westbrook does, and MJ's the greatest of all time. This guy, gives maximum effort every single play, every single night and you gotta respect that. "

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