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”Can LeBron sing, ya'll?” — Randy Jackson on if he would be willing to make music with LeBron James

While most of James’ fans know he’s a rap fan, that wasn’t the type of music Jackson had in mind for the kid from Akron.
American Idol judge Randy Jackson and Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James

LeBron James and Randy Jackson

In the summer of 2018, LeBron James decided that he was going to take his talents to LA and make history with the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, LeBron’s move was the hottest subject of discussion at the time, not only in sports but in the entertainment world as well.

Randy’s just waiting

Amid the phenomenon of James’ move to LA, the media were quizzing an array of famous Los Angeles-based celebrities for comments. Among them was American Idol judge and record producer Randy Jackson.

During an ambush interview with TMZ Sports, Jackson was asked if he would be keen on the idea of working with LeBron on some entertainment projects. According to Jackson, he’s absolutely down and will just be waiting for the four-time MVP to give him a “holla.”

LeBron, holla at me. Let’s get into some stuff,” Jackson said.

The interviewer then upped the ante and pressed Jackson to say if he’ll still be down to make music with LeBron. While most of James’ fans know he’s a rap fan, that wasn’t the type of music Jackson had in mind for the kid from Akron.

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Nevertheless, Jackson said that should James really consider doing any of that, he’ll be there to flack him, concluding, “I got him. No matter what. I got him.

LeBron can spit though

James’ singing may not be as commendable as his basketball skills. However, many could say that “King James” got some bars. In fact, before becoming championship rivals, LeBron and Kevin Durant released a rap track entitled “It Ain’t Easy.”

During the lockdown season in 2011, KD flew to Cleveland to record a few tracks, but all of a sudden, James showed up at the recording studio, so the pair linked up and did the song.

It was said that “It Ain’t Easy” was touted to become the background song for NBA 2k19, but “after months of back and forth, nothing regarding the track materialized.”

As expected, “King James” let everybody know who’s running the game through his verse, spitting sick rhymes that go, “…it ain’t easy, on the path I’m on. Put the world on my back, ’cause I’m that strong. Long journey I been on from the very start. No way I die off with this iron heart. No chance to make it out, that’s what they said. Well, look at me, I’m here, boss of the spread…

As things stand, James is approaching the 20th season of his career. We all know that the end is near, so it will be exciting to see what the King would be interested in after his playing years.


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