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Ben Simmons gets heated after a fan roasts him to his face: "Hey Russell Westbrook! Can't shoot bro?"

Simmons can't catch a break from the fans.
Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook

Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook

Almost every NBA player deals with haters, but over the past year, no one has faced more criticism than Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons. And it's not only during games or online, as fans have started to go after Ben even in person, clowning the Australian.

Comedian roasts Simmons to his face

The whole Sixers saga, forcing his way out of Philly, not even suiting up for the Nets, and the constant stigma of not being able to shoot a jumper have made Simmons the #1 target for fans to troll. It has definitely taken its toll on Ben, who has reportedly been dealing with mental health issues due to all the hate has been receiving.

But that hasn't stopped people from clowning Simmons, as a recent video of Simmons getting mad at a fan making fun of him went viral. A comedian by the name of Gerald Huston walked up to Simmons in what seemed to be a candy shop, calling him Russell Westbrook and saying he can't shoot, obviously trying to clown the Nets star.

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"Oh my god, it's Russell Westbrook, bro. Russell Westbrook, bro...I ain't playing with you, bro. Can't shoot, bro? I'm sorry, bro...I love you, bro."

Gerald Huston, IG

Simmons definitely didn't appreciate the joke, as he told Huston not to play with him before getting escorted by Ben's security guard. A lot of people online found this hilarious and used this as another way to make fun of Simmons. But some people didn't like it, as they explained this is why Simmons and various other athletes deal with mental health issues due to their media exposure.

Huston, who was clowning Simmons in this clip, is known for pulling off these kinds of pranks often, in which he walks up to various NBA players and calls them by the wrong names, usually getting a heated reaction from them. The clip that made Huston well-known is the iconic video of him walking up to Rajon Rondo and calling him Chris Paul. Safe to say, Rajon wasn't happy, being "mistaken" for his biggest rival.

You have to admit, it's a pretty funny concept, and a lot of the videos he does with NBA players are hilarious. But I can see why some would criticize him for going after Simmons, who has had mental health issues regarding all the backlash he gets from fans.

I'm pretty sure this is nothing compared to what he gets on a daily basis, as Ben is a big boy that can prove all the haters and trolls wrong if he redeems himself next season in Brooklyn.

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