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Beer drones — the best feature on Michael Jordan's exclusive golf course

Do you want to be a member of the exclusive The Grove XXIII club? Michael Jordan has to invite you first.

Michael Jordan loves his golf. During his playing days — even in the middle of a tense playoff series — he would sneak out to the golf course to play a couple of holes (ok, ok, more than a couple). It’s his way of refreshing his mind. Jordan loves golf so much that he has his own golf course. And since we’re talking about the GOAT, this is not just your ordinary golf course.

Delivery from the skies

Jordan owns “The Grove XXIII” a 260-acre golf course that cost some $15 to $20 million to construct. Located in Hobe Sound, Florida, one can be a member of the exclusive golf club by invitation only. So far, there are about 100 members, including high-profile people like Wayne Gretzky, Ken Griffey Jr., Justin Verlander, Denny Hamlin, and Gary Sheffield.

Like the basketball court, the golf course is familiar terrain for Jordan. He knows the long waiting time for snacks and refreshments to arrive. In the Bulls guard’s golf course, cart girls are a thing of the past. He gets his refreshments from the sky, like you're in a James Bond movie. 

It looks like a gimmick at first. But you realize how efficient this method is compared to getting your snacks and refreshment via a cart girl who has to drive through the inherent slopes of a golf course. Jordan just wants his cigar delivered as quickly as possible. He also wants his guests to have a good time.

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First impressions

The golf course opened in the fall of 2019. NASCAR icon Denny Hamlin was one of the first to take his golf clubs to the Grove XXIII. In a 2020 interview, Hamlin admitted he plans to play there for as long as possible.

The course was unbelievable. There’s only 75 members. Hopefully to be 76 here in the next few weeks, so it was really an honor to be invited and be a member at such an exclusive place. It’s really new, just a few months old. It’s going to be fun to do for the next 20 to 30 years, as long as I’m able to play,” Hamlin said, per USA Today.

Hamlin didn’t specify what he liked the most about the course. Was it the exclusivity? The course’s design? The views that come along with it? Or is the beer drones? Or is it getting the chance to play with one of the greatest sports icons in the world? It probably is the beer drones. 


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