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Bam Adebayo comes through with a big donation for a family that was about to get evicted


It seems the younger generations of NBA players are very conscious about their communities and are looking to give back as soon as they sign a more lucrative deal. After Donovan Mitchell pledged to donate $12 million to a school he attended as a kid. On the other hand, Bam Adebayo has decided to help out one family on the verge of eviction from their apartment in Miami.

Travillia Bogan, a single mother of two sets of twins, was surprised when Bam Adebayo came to her house with a big surprise with a holiday gift of a lifetime. Adebayo gave a year's worth of rent to the Bogan family, which came in the perfect time considering their situation. In an interview for Complex, Adebayo said it was his priority to help out the family, knowing their background and the challenging situation they were in for a while now.

"It's gotta be No. 1. Just helping somebody like that, in that situation, and all the negative situations that's happened to her the last couple of months, that's definitely top of my list."

Bam Adebayo, via Complex

Adebayo said words can't describe how that moment felt for him and Travilia, who was desperate and unsure how the future will look like for her and her kids going into 2021.

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"You could feel it through tears of joy. There was no conversation. It was pure joy for her and her family. They're not getting evicted for Christmas."

Bam Adebayo, via Complex

After signing a new contract extension with the Miami Heat, worth $163 million, Adebayo will get more involved in different projects, focusing on improving the lives of people in the community. After going through a similar situation with his family growing up, Adebayo feels privileged to give back and help people out.

"Through all this philanthropy that I'm doing, I hope that I spark one kid to change his decision-making, his lifestyle, or who he's hanging with," says Adebayo. "To go from being in the streets and me doing something special for them that can shift their whole mindset. That's all I can ask for."

Bam Adebayo, via Complex

Adebayo's mom Marilyn Blount was the one that instilled the passion for generosity and giving back because of their upbringing, which was modest but full of love and respect. Earlier this month, he bought her a new house for her 56th birthday and, in that way, wanted to properly thank her for all the sacrifice she had to go through.

“My mom is such a giving and loving person so I feel like it was inherited, for real,” says Adebayo. “That’s how she built me to be. That’s how I’m molded. I’ve always wanted to help people and I’ve always wanted to make someone’s life easier.”

Bam Adebayo, via Complex

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