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Allen Iverson shares an insightful view on what made him different from other players

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Allen Iverson's impact on the NBA and the basketball culture, in general, is unmeasurable. He was the epitome of raw talent that did unimaginable things on the court, and ever since his high-school days, it was evident Allen Iverson was a different kind of animal. In one of his interviews for The Ringer, Iverson talks about what separated him from other players in the NBA. Iverson said he was able to see what various players were made off as soon as he saw their faces when the games started. That way, he was able to determine what type of mindset and mentality players have, which gave him an advantage in different situations.

"Man,look, what's different for me than a lot of other guys or people, period—and I'm not saying I'm [James] Naismith or Red Auerbach or somebody like that—I just know basketball from the standpoint of guys that I played against and with all my life. I know the heart of basketball players and the courage of basketball players. I know the toughness of basketball players. I look at it a whole different way from a lot of people. … You've got to know the looks. You got to know the feelings. It's hard to explain. That's what I had, those certain feelings and instincts. I could look and tell if a player was scared. I could look and tell if a person was up for the challenge. I could look and tell if a guy was just doing it because his teammates and his coaching staff would kick his ass if he showed fear. And I could see if a motherfucker wasn't scared. I just know basketball from that sense."

Allen Iverson, via The Ringer

On top of that, Iverson has a spiritual approach to the game in which he truly believes. He said the game itself has its specific dynamic, which is closely connected to the human aspect of the game. That is quite an interesting view which can't be heard from many players out there. Iverson also believes that was the talent from him given by God himself on top of all the raw talent he possessed.

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"I know the X's and O's. That's the easy part. But I know the dynamic around it all as far as the human part of it. The mindset of it all, the thinking, the believing, the not believing, I know that part of it. I know who's scared, who's not scared. … I can tell. I can tell by looking at a person. I can tell by how they react in certain situations or whatever. That's just stuff that I know that God gave meI know the heart of basketball players and the courage of basketball players, or whatever. That's just stuff that I know that God gave me."

Allen Iverson, via The Ringer

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