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ALLEN IVERSON SHARES A SECRET “Vince Carter is a top-five dancer in the whole world.”


Vince Carter’s post-basketball career is not in question. VC’s podcast is one of the best athlete podcasts out there, and there isn’t a network that wouldn’t want him on their crew. In an interview for GQ, Allen Iverson revealed Carter has other options in life.

Finding out players’ hidden talents is always exciting. Whether it’s Victor Oladipo singing, Grant Hill playing the piano on Letterman or Rajon Rondo allegedly being unbeatable at Connect 4. According to AI, we should add Vince Carter’s dancing on the list. Actually, The Answer claims Carter is a lot more than talented. 

“I mean, he’s like super incredible. I don’t know if too many people know it, but the guys and the females that know Vince—know him personally—know that he’s like a top-five dancer in the whole world.”

Allen Iverson, GQ

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One of the best compliments a player can get is that he has fantastic footwork. Noticed only by people who understand basketball, it makes someone’s game seem effortless. Almost every superstar makes sure we know they spent a summer with Hakeem working on their footwork. 

The most common explanation for players having good footwork is that they played some other sport as a kid - usually soccer or tennis. I always wondered if there were players that had dancing lessons, and is there any correlation there. If you ever had any sort of dance education, you know it’s freakin’ hard and makes you very coordinated. 

If there’s a group of people that never touched a basketball and you had to develop them quickly for a game, dancers should be at the top of your list. Think about it - in shape, very coordinated, and they have a great sense of pace and tempo. No surprise, one of the best in-game dunkers and a guy with such a long career can also glide on the dance floor.

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