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After anti-Semitic backlash, Kanye West calls Kyrie Irving, and Stephen A. Smith “real ones”

Ye throws his support to two controversial NBA personalities who he share some similarities with
Kanye West & Kyrie Irving

Kanye West & Kyrie Irving

Kanye West made the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. He was dropped by longtime collaborator Adidas and was escorted out of Skechers headquarters due to his anti-Semitic remarks. Unsurprisingly, Kanye found someone he supports in the NBA: Kyrie Irving and Stephen A. Smith.

Kanye calls Kyrie, SAS “real ones”

The American rapper got canceled recently because of his anti-Semitic remarks. LeBron James and his production company even canceled his appearance on their show. With little support coming his way, Kanye tweeted his support to two NBA personalities who he thinks are the real ones left.

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The Instagram posts have more than 300,000 likes and counting. The hitmaker probably meant by saying “real ones” are those who are not afraid of telling their truth. Stephen A. Smith gets bashed daily for his hot takes but remains unapologetic about them. Meanwhile, Ye has more similarities with the Brooklyn Nets star after Irving got himself in trouble for promoting a movie that was labeled as anti-Semitic, which didn’t sit well with team owner Joe Tsai.

Kyrie Irving received a lot of criticism lately

Kyrie Irving decided to boost the controversial film Hebrews to Negroes, which, according to many people, has several anti-Semitic messages. He did it at a time when Kanye West got canceled for airing the same sentiments. Tsai issued a warning on his Twitter account and claimed such behavior would not be tolerated.

The Nets star defended himself by saying he gets all kinds of information from different sources.

Irving and West consider themselves modern-day savants who think and act like they are on some different level than most people. For people that are trying to cancel them, this type of behavior is dangerous because of how they could influence the young or vulnerable ones who don’t know better. These two are superstars who yield powerful influence which is the reason why they are now under attack by the mainstream media.

On the other hand, SAS has voiced his strong opposition against Ky and Ye in the past, so West throwing his support to the TV analyst may be a wrong judgment on his part. Kyrie, SAS, and Ye are not afraid to say what’s on their mind and refuse to be dictated to by the media. This is as far as their connections and similarities go. 

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