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5 most outlandish purchases NBA players ever made

A lot of these didn't make any sense, but one turned out to be more profitable than it would seem at first tought.
New York Knicks icon Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

NBA players earn so much money sometimes they get wild ideas on how to spend So here are the five most outlandish purchases we could think of.

DeShawn Stevenson’s ATM 

At a time when payment apps weren’t a thing, DeShawn Stevenson thought of a brilliant idea: why not install an ATM in his own house? The shooting guard made sure his homies could have some cash before partying. He allegedly spent $3,500 on it. Stevenson earned $4.50 as a transaction fee every time there was a withdrawal, so it wasn’t a bad idea at all.

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Carmelo Anthony’s camel

NBA players are known to buy exotic pets such as sharks and tigers, but Carmelo Anthony might go down in history as the first to purchase a camel back in 2011. The desert animal carries a price tag anywhere between $55,000 to $30 million. We don't know how much Melo shelled out, but it must've been a lot, particularly if you consider the fact you don't have much use for a camel in New York City.

Al Jefferson and Harrison Barnes’ bed

Rest and recovery are essential to an NBA player, but Al Jefferson and Harrison Barnes took it to another level. Jefferson paid $23,000 for a customized 12 feet x 10 feet bed where he could easily fit his 6’10” frame. Meanwhile, Barnes purchased his dream mattress after receiving his first paycheck as a professional player. For him, it was a dream of buying things he wanted without really caring about their price tag. So we can’t blame these two NBA players for prioritizing sleep over cars - the most often first purchase.

Kobe Bryant’s champagne

Just how competitive was Kobe Bryant? One time at an opening of a nightclub, he wanted to one-up gambling professional Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari, who purchased two Cristal bottles worth $2,800. The Black Mamba bought 15 Cristal bottles worth $21,000 and left the club without even drinking them. So I guess if you’re a multimillionaire like Bryant, you could flex splurging anytime you want for no reason at all.

Eddy Curry’s cable bills

Eddy Curry was bad at managing his money. He admitted to paying $1,075 monthly for cable and satellite subscriptions. Not only that, he took a casino loan worth $500,000 that had 85% interest. We all know what happened after that. The former New York Knicks player filed for bankruptcy after spending around $30,000 on monthly household expenses. Eddy may have earned $70 million in his career, but his lifestyle quickly drained his bank accounts. 

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