Oakley slams the Knicks for Spike Lee: “It’s a plantation over there. People don’t want to talk about it. It’s real bad over there.”

Spike is gone from MSG for the year, and everyone agrees the symbolism is apparent. It was Leon Rose’s first day on the job, the Knicks got an unlikely win against the Rockets, and James Dolan managed to eclipse it by creating a conflict with the Knicks’ biggest fan. Welcome to the New York Knicks, Mr. Rose. While talking to Steven A. and Max on “First Take,” Spike pointed out what’s still the worse move of all.

“Putting Oakley in handcuffs! That was more detrimental than anything, seeing the heart and soul of the Knicks led out of the world’s greatest arena in handcuffs!”

Spike Lee, First Take

Charles Oakley always shares his view and is scared of nobody. He was like that on the court, and he is like that off the court. When asked for a comment, Oak shared the majority view. Spike is an institution of Knicks basketball, a paying superfan who spent over $10 million on tickets in his lifetime, and James Dolan managed to ruin that relationship as well. Oakley called out the NBA, saying that turning your head on this is equal to turning your head on someone being beaten up in the street.

“It just keeps happening in New York. People are not going to come here because it’s the same thing over and over and over. They got a new president, and all everyone is talking about what happened between Spike Lee and the Garden.”

Charles Oakley, ESPN

Oakley sued James Dolan and MSG, but the case got dismissed last month. The judge called for peace, but Oak decided to appeal the decision. Oakley’s point is that there should’ve been peace from day one, but the problem is in the disrespectful way he’s been treated by James Dolan and the Knicks. The same as Spike explained it on “First Take,” Oakley feels sorry for all the employees and knows they’re not bad people. 

“It’s a plantation over there. It’s bad. People don’t want to talk about it. It’s real bad over there.”

Charles Oakley, ESPN

Oak added he’s never seen a team that loses so much, yet so much time and energy are spent talking about them…except “Maybe the Dallas Cowboys.”

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