Nothing but Swish for a trick-shot artist Kalb!

Nothing but Swish for a trick-shot artist Kalb!

Remember when exactly one decade ago, David Kalb, your everyday blue-collar warehouse worker, met NBA superstar LeBron James to play the game of H-O-R-S-E on the legendary playground on Venice Beach?!?

Before he came onto one of the most famous world’s outdoor courts that sunny day in 2008, Kalb’s basketball credentials were little known. He was literally a basketball anonymous – his college career highlight was starting a single game for the University of Akron squad, the night starting top point guard had uniform gaffe.

Not only that Kalb won LBJ in H-O-R-S-E by putting on a yet unseen shot-clinic, but also, at some points during the event, embarrassed the ‘Chosen One’, who had just returned with a gold medal from 2008 Beijing Olympics.

At several points, LeBron would just look down, not believing what kind of shots this ‘dude’ is hitting that day.

‘King James’ even tried to overpower Kalb with a power dunk but Kalb would, amazingly, got up for a dunk of his own, over the court which was also featured in the 1992 basketball blockbuster ‘White man can’t dunk’!

Ten years and several hundreds awesome trick-shots recorded (out of several millions trick-shots attempts practiced and tried) it seems that this genuine new millennium trick-shot artist is back, in a great style!

On the just-released new video, featuring him and the world juggling champion Josh Horton, recorded on the location in Huntington Beach (CA), Kalb presents a great new 2018 collection of truly amazing trick-shots!

With a huge smile on their faces, while enjoying themselves, both Kalb and Horton juggle with the basketballs and make some pretty awesome trick-shots off/from the cliff over a Huntington Beach!

A definite highlight in this one is the part during which Kalb drives in a monocycle, Horton passes him one of the four basketballs he is juggling with, and the trick-shot artist just throws the wild shot off the cliff which hits a nothing but a bottom of the net at the basket which is down on a beach!

Nothing but swish on this one for the world’s leading trick-shot artist, David Kalb!

Murray A. a.k.a. Marjan Crnogaj is a BN contributor and the co-author of the books ‘Drazen – The Years of the Dragon’ (‘Drazen – Godine Zmaja’) and ‘Bridging the Generations’ (‘Most Generacija’). He resides in Zagreb, Croatia, currently working on his third book which tells the untold story of the 1989 Green Card Five.