“No doubt in my mind he gonna do tampons any day”

“No doubt in my mind he gonna do tampons any day”

Most professional athletes burn through their earnings quite quickly. ALl those millions go away quicker than expected and then they are left with poor education for today’s labor market and a lot of “shat went wrong?”

All professional leagues provide education in personal finance to rookies nowadays, and this problem is slowly becoming a thing from the past. They also learn from veterans who invested wisely and built up their wealth even more after retiring from the game.

One way you can leverage your athletic success is to provide brands visibility through endorsements. Two fellas leading the way in that regard are Charles Wade Barkley from Leeds, Alabama and Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal from Newark, New Jersey. 

Shaq is known for a lot of great investments that got him to a position in which he makes more money today than he did as a player. Check out the list here. He is always looking for an excellent opportunity, but he insists he only endorses products he would use himself.


In a recent appearance on the Late Show with Steven Colbert, Chuck predicted that streak of endorsing only products he would use might change.

Oh Shaq got no shame! Every time I look at the TV there is no doubt in my mind he gonna do tampons any day. It’s just a matter of time. 

This is why Charles is one of the best talk show guests in the world! All that is left is to wait for a Shaq’s response. I’d suggest a tampon commercial, and donating all the money he makes from it to set up a “Charles Barkley fitness award.”