Nikola Jokić in a hilarious​ commercial

Nikola Jokić in a hilarious​ commercial

Nikola Jokić finished 4th in MVP voting last year. The only players ahead of him were Giannis, Harden and Paul George. Not bad company to be in. Already the best passing big man in the NBA (and in the conversation for that title all-time), Jokić is a true star.

Not many people projected he would become this good, but his skill level was never in doubt. As is with many players coming from Europe, the main question about Jokić was his physicality. Your average European player will not be as athletic as an average player from the US, but Jokić is even a step below that.

There is also the chubby-face syndrome. Some people just have a chubby face and we automatically think they are probably all soft and doughy. Jokić can become the poster boy for this phenomenon. His passport photo didn’t help either.

The best part about it is, this was his passport photo till April 2019!! When he was returning to the US last summer to have a top 5 MVP season, Nikola showed that photo while boarding his plane. Right up there with his skill on the basketball court is his character.

Watch him play for 5 minutes and you’ll see that Jokić is a team-first guy, always looking to pass and get his teammates involved. His team-first mentality doesn’t stop between the lines. Nikola is known for his sense of humor and is always willing to be the bud of the joke. Don’t believe us? Check out this new commercial for a local snack.