Nikola Jokic and head coach Mike Malone were mad at the Nuggets fans after game 2 win against the Spurs

Nikola Jokic and head coach Mike Malone were mad at the Nuggets fans after game 2 win against the Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are putting the Denver Nuggets on a serious test this playoff series. Even though Nuggets won game 2 at home, it was a very close game that could have easily gone the Spurs way. Some of Nuggets players were shooting extremely bad throughout the entire game which resulted in a close game.

One of Nuggets longest tenured players Will Barton faced criticism during the game when the Nuggets fans started booing at him. Barton was having a bad game shooting 1 of 10 from the field which was good for 3 points. It was actually strange the fans were booing him because it seemed like he wasn’t playing for the home squad.

After the game, his teammate Nikola Jokic and head coach Mike Malone came to defend Barton. Even though he subbed Barton at the end of the third quarter and didn’t return him to action for the rest of the game Malone said the fans should show some love even though the players are having a poor game.

“Our fans have been great the whole year, but I really felt bad when they started booing Will Barton. That is not going to help him make a shot,” I understand the emotions of a game, and again, our fans have been awesome this whole year, but support our guys. When they are going through a tough time, they could use some love.”

Nikola Jokic also shared support for his teammate after the game saying how Burton did a lot for the organization and didn’t deserve to be treated that way from the fans.

“I want to say something. I didn’t like that the crowd and fans booed ‘Thrill’. “He did a lot of things for this organization. He was injured, he is finding his rhythm, so when he comes back he’s going to be the old ‘Thrill’.”

Barton faced an injury to his core/hip which forced him to miss 39 games this season. This was the first time Barton missed so many games in his entire career which was really tough on him but he managed to get back in shape and provide solid minutes for the Nuggets in recent games.