Nick Young roasts Gilbert Arenas after his post about Nate Robinsons boxing match

Nick Young roasts Gilbert Arenas after his post about Nate Robinsons boxing match

The boxing match in which former NBA player Nate Robinson got brutally knocked out by Youtuber Jake Paul raised many eyebrows in the media, especially among the NBA players. We’ve already witnessed many memes that people made in regards to Robinsons boxing match, and Glen Davis and Matt Barnes were very vocal in expressing their concern on how the media treated Nate after his loss.

Another former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas, also came to Nate’s defense by posting a photo on his Instagram, saying he shouldn’t be ashamed for getting knocked out. Arenas suggest he should get back to the gym, work hard, and use this beating as an inspiration to get better and bounce back.

Interestingly enough, out of nowhere came Arenas former teammate Nick Young. He dropped a vicious comment saying Arenas himself never bounced back ever since that game against LeBron James, in which he missed two crucial free throws after LeBron tapped him on the chest, saying he will miss them.

Young and Arenas were teammates in the Washington Wizards, and ever since ,then they built a relationship that is a weird mixture of friendship and just messing around with each other, always cracking jokes at each other’s expense.

Despite all that, Young’s comment is hilarious if you remember the game he is talking about when the Cavs beat the Wizards in the first round of the playoffs. The Cavaliers were leading 3-2 in the series, and in game 6 they were trailing 113-112 in overtime, with Arenas going to the line for two shots. Right before he shot the first free throw, LeBron came up to him and said that they would win the game if he misses them.

Unfortunately for the Wizards and Arenas, he missed them, and then Damon Jones made a shot at winning the series and eliminating the Wizards from the playoffs. In some way, nothing was the same for Arenas, who, even though he remained in the league until 2012, was never the same player since he struggled with injuries and off-court problems he got himself into afterward.