Nick Young is once again having problems with the law

Nick Young is once again having problems with the law

Nick Young is at it again with the bad behavior and it seems this time he punched a fan in the testicles. To make the story even more absurd he also allegedly stole his mobile phone.

According to different reports the assault took place in Los Angeles and he is considered as a suspect in an ongoing investigation by the police. The whole story started on the fourth of January when a phone call came from the victim.

It seems, the man was trying to take a photo with Young and that didn’t play out well for him. According to reports, he was persistent and this is the reason why Young reacted and punched the fan in the testicles, while at the same time taking his phone.

It will be interesting what will unfold from this story as no arrests have been made. This would definitely be bad timing for Young especially after he was waived by the Denver Nuggets who are the best team in the western conference at the moment.

Young had previous problems with the law and it’s a pattern that’s been showing, however, this time it might not be that he is guilty.

Hopefully, he will focus on his game because he won an NBA championship last year with the Golden State Warriors and can still be useful in the league. Young could be a good fit for the teams who are looking for someone who could score quick points and has veteran experience.