New Orleans wins the Draft Lottery!!!

New Orleans wins the Draft Lottery!!!

The New Orleans Pelicans have won the NBA Draft Lottery. We’ll go over the main takeaways in this short overview, with more in-depth analysis during the day. So, first thing’s first, here’s the entire draft order after the lottery.

What happens to Davis?

New Orleans

The main question remains: what happens with Anthony Davis now? Pelicans GM David Griffin already expressed his intention to talk to AD and possibly convince him to stay. Zion is now his no.1 in the “Ten things why you should stay in New Orleans”.

The two seem like a perfect fit under the basket, Zion at 4 and AD at 5 would immediately become the best duo at those two positions. If AD still tells the front office he’s not resigning, do they call his bluff and hope to play with Zion convince him to stay? The rest of the draft developed in a way that helps them if they want to trade as well.

New York Knicks

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. The Knicks dropped to 3, the entire city of New York is angry, but there still is a chance. No.3 + Knox + Robinson at least gets Pelicans GM to pick up the phone.

You’re getting KD, it’s fine.

Los Angeles Lakers

Wow, they had a 9.4% chance to get in the top 4. This is amazing news for the Lakers who, after a few terrible weeks, have a glimmer of hope to get back in the conversation.

This pick now brings them back in the conversation for AD, significantly improving their asset base. This draft isn’t considered as deep, but they should be able to find a good player at 4.

A player that doesn’t fit with LeBron’s timeline, but can be useful in other trades that would bring LeBron some help.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics got the 14th pick via the Kings, that doesn’t move their odds of getting AD in any significant way. They still need to figure out KD and then potentially pull the trigger.

Rest of the draft

Memphis jumped to no.2 and with Ja Morant projected at that position, he could play next to Mike Conley and learn the position form an amazing point guard. Jarren Jackson had an amazing season, Ja is another great prospect for a quick rebuild. (They are a top contender for relocation, so in a few years they may be the Seattle core).

The other major takeaway we will cover in depth a bit later – this will impact tanking incentives. So many teams moved around so what we knew rationally, now we experienced emotionally (aks NY about that). The radical tanking that ruins the soul of your franchise and fanbase has a much higher cost now.