New info about Kyrie/KD in NYC

New info about Kyrie/KD in NYC

The New York Knicks are possibly most influenced by the Lottery outcome. At the same time, they are already planning for the offseason and their wishlist starts with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Meanwhile, GM Scott Perry talked about their ambitions.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to the New York Knicks?

The Knicks feel a bit disappointed after the Lottery, but the rumor mill has long since seethed for the offseason as well. The Knicks want superstars and apparently have reason to be optimistic with at least two of them  ESPN reporter Stephen A. Smith expects both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to move to the Big Apple.

“From what I’ve heard, Kyrie will move to New York City,” Smith said. “Along with Kevin Durant, people in his inner circle are still trying to get the Nets into the game, but New York will clearly be the target, and it’s likely to be Madison Square Garden.”

Both Durant and Irving can withdraw from their contracts on July 1st and choose new teams, both of whom are considered willing to change. Irving was also rumored at the weekend that he could go to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Knicks-GM comments on Durant-Leonard rumors

As with all teams with Cap Space, Kawhi Leonard will also be on the note for the Knicks, either instead of or next to Durant / Irving. Knicks-GM Scott Perry talked to ESPN on Monday: “We’re going to play the hand we get assigned,” the manager said, without naming specific names, which he is not allowed anyway.

“In the Free Agency, players sometimes decide they’d rather stay, but whatever happens, we know we’ll have more talent in the squad,” Perry continued. “We want to bring talented players who fit our culture and want to build a championship contender here.”