Nelson “I’ve been smoking some pot”

Nelson “I’ve been smoking some pot”

Don Nelson is one of the best coaches (and GMs) in NBA history. He is still the all-time leader in wins by a coach; you can find our top 5 list here. Just to remind you of the significance he has in the game, here’s an overview from that article:

So, the man came up with: point-forwards, spacing, Hack-a-Shaq and always like the idea of an undersized, mobile big that can play on the perimeter. The man was creating and coaching 2018 teams since the late 70s.

After retiring Nelson moved to Hawaii. Sounds like a nice idea, the weather and nature are amazing; you get to chill and relax. Chilling and relaxing is exactly what Nelson had in mind obviously:

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The real MVP

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An already popular and beloved guy just became Mr. Congeniality of the NBA. Nelson isn’t only a consumer; he is also a farmer. Why buy from someone else when you can grow your brand-name product? (via

“It’s called Nellie Kush,” he said. “It’s O.G. and Hindu Kush. Hindu Kush is really good. It comes from India and the guy that brought it over mixed the two of them, so we’ve got Nellie Kush now.”

To make the retirement even cooler Nelson hosts a high-stakes poker game at his place that is regularly attended by Willie Nelson, Woody Harelson, and Owen Wilson, to name a few. Nelson started smoking in retirement and “blames” his guests for introducing him to pot.