Ndamukong Suh shares why Charles Barkley is his favorite NBA player

Ndamukong Suh shares why Charles Barkley is his favorite NBA player

The NFL player and current champion Ndamukong Suh made a guest appearance on the ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast, where he touched upon his season with the Buccaneers and the NBA. Like other football players, Ndamukong loves basketball and said he used to watch games a lot, but now, he believes a few things are missing from the NBA.

When asked if there is a basketball player he would compare himself to, Ndamukong said it’s none of the current NBA players, but Charles Barkley was his favorite player growing up. He admired Charles’s ability to dominate in the paint among players that were much taller than him. Don’t forget Barkley is still the shortest player ever to lead the league in rebounds. On top of that, Ndamukong also shared that it seems current NBA players are too soft and that he is a fan of the old-school players and basketball.

I would probably say Charles Barkley as a basketball player; that reminds me of myself. Charles was one of those guys that was obviously very talented but not having restrictions or anything that nature, but he wasn’t obviously a huge big man. He rebounded well, made plays, and was incredibly successful. I love the way he played, and truthfully in this day of age, basketball players are a little too soft for me. Banging like the old school and whatnot.

Ndamukong Suh, via Club Shay Shay

One of the things that you can often hear from the fans is that the game and the players are soft, and obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinions when it comes to this topic. It would be hard to argue players now are soft because they play by the rules implemented by the league, and that has some limitations compared to how it was a few decades ago. It’s up to the NBA to decide if it wants more physicality as it did before, and there is no doubt players would adapt to it quickly if it comes to that.