Ben Simmons & Lanard Copeland

NBL legend: Ben Simmons will likely play for the Western Conference after Christmas

As the 2021-22 NBA season approaches its midway mark, the Philadelphia 76ers still have not resolved the Ben Simmons issue. Countless trade rumors are constantly in the news regarding proposals, interested teams, demands, and the like.

NBL legend and former Sixers player Lanard Copeland is the latest person to chime on the matter. According to him, as many as 12 teams are eyeing Simmons right now, especially those scrambling hard to squeeze out victories.

“There are teams out there in the NBA who are struggling and would love a Ben Simmons right now. They’re working on trades. I heard there were 12 teams staking him (out) right now,” Copeland, AU News.

Copeland, who noted he played with Simmons’ father Dave, said that the 25-year-old would probably be shipped out to the West. The 76ers are well-aware of Simmons’ talents and would rather avoid him. Copeland added that the Simmons saga would be resolved after Christmas.

“Philadelphia are probably going to be smart and ship him to the West coast because they know how valuable Ben is. They don’t want to play Ben five or six times a year. They send him to the west coast and whatever deal works best for them, then things will happen. From what I’m hearing, something is going to happen right after Christmas and hopefully Ben will be playing again.”

This is contrary to a report by Sideline Sources that cited multiple teams from both conferences have vested interest in Simmons.

However, Simmons said he prefers to be traded to the NBA’s California teams: The Sacramento Kings, the Golden State WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Clippers

As Copeland mentioned, bottomfeeding teams are interested in the Aussie’s services. Looking at the standings now, the Kings are down in the ruts. The Lakers are doing alright. But given the massive hype around them and their subpar performance, you could insert them into the teams that Copeland is describing.

Will Copeland be that one guy who finally gets it right? Will we finally see the end of the Simmons-76ers fiasco? Will Simmons end up in the ultra-competitive Western Conference?