NBA warned the Raptors about Drake

NBA warned the Raptors about Drake

Drake’s antics have caught the eye of the NBA front office. His sideline shenanigans were entertaining at first, but the former Global Ambassador started crossing the line (metaphorically and figuratively) and giving back rubs to coach Nick Nurse. The league felt they need to address this. 

This was obviously never going to happen, moving him outside of the line of sight for the cameras? Why do you think he does all that? Still, it is clearly a message that Drake needs to tone down the antics during the Finals. 

The Warriors seem prepared for this, referring to him as “Aubrey” and throwing an elbow here and there. This team has too much Finals experience to be phased with anything like this. They will even be listening to Drake pregame.

Coach Kerr added to the commentary saying: “I’m not worried about Drake, I called him on his cellphone earlier.” Who Kawhi guards, will KD come back, will the long break hurt the Warriors – these are the main questions before Game 1 tonight. 

But keep an eye on Aubrey Graham, he will have his moment.