NBA testing only one foul shot per foul

NBA testing only one foul shot per foul

The G League isn’t only useful for teams to test out prospects. The League Office uses it as a laboratory for new ideas before they are implemented in the NBA. Shortening game time and making the flow of the game optimal is one of the main challenges the NBA faces so they are trying something new in the G League. 

From this season, only one foul shot will be taken, worth one, two or three points depending on the foul. This will shorten the game six to eight minutes, according to Brad Walker, head of basketball operations for the league.

In the final two minutes of regulation and overtime the game will revert to traditional free throw rules. Shooting fouls on made baskets — and-1s — will proceed the same way, with the shooter attempting one free throw worth one point.

Steph Curry was the first one to respond to this rule change saying if this is to come to the NBA the meaning of the 50/40/90 club will change. Any rule change makes comparing eras more difficult, but honestly, if it makes the game better I don’t care.

But will this make it better? You are helping bad free throw shooters in a way here, thus changing the dynamic of the game. It makes more sense to foul now, as players have a higher percentage on their second shot than on the first one. This may lead to more fouls on bad shooters and not shorten the game as much.

The NBA already made some changes; for instance, a player can’t leave the 3 point area between free throws. (This may be the main reason why Russell Westbrook’s percentage went down). But once again, the elephant in the room is the 25 second time out that last 2 minutes. Maybe address those?