NBA players love this kind of pet. It’s not what others think.

NBA players love this kind of pet. It’s not what others think.

Players can do what they want to with their money: splurge on cars, houses, shoes, and clothes. But for others, it can be investing in pets that help them relax off the court. For these players, getting snakes as pets gives a different kind of thrill.

Exotic pets as status symbols

In the past, exotic pets have become a status symbol. The more exotic it gets, the richer and more influential its owner has become. There are different reasons for this, but the most obvious ones are that they are not cheap and are not easy to own since some require necessary paperwork. 

Carmelo Anthony had camels, Shaq used to own white tigers, while Gilbert Arenas has a penchant for sharks. However, the number of NBA players, retired and active, who own snakes as pets increases. 

The Snake brothers 

Danny Green has a boa constrictor named Jade which is estimated at around 9 feet long. The shooter says Jade has been with him throughout his career and has witnessed some ups and downs. One thing the Sixers player adores about his pet is that it is relatively low maintenance.

Another player with a snake pet is Robert Covington. The Portland Trail Blazer star owns a pair of bearded dragons and a bumblebee ball python called Max, per GQ. Covington revealed he was inspired by his former teammate Dwight Howard who reportedly owns 20 snakes. Ex-pro Mikki Moore shares that he only feeds his snakes rats and not bunnies. 

NBA players travel a lot and don’t come home often during the season. This bodes well both for the owner and the snakes. The reptiles are not needy pets and, as mentioned, are low-maintenance creatures. They move slowly and are fine if fed on time. There are many misconceptions about snakes being poisonous, but the large ones and those being sold as pets are most likely safe. 

Still, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable if my neighbor had one. 

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