NBA planning a 2K players-only tournament

NBA planning a 2K players-only tournament

The federal government extended the social-distancing measures to April 30th, and the most optimistic prognosis for any kind of NBA basketball says we shouldn’t hope to see anything before June. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t see NBA’s finest playing ball. 

The league is planning an NBA2K tournament that will air on ESPN. According to reporting by Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports, it would be a 16 player tournament lasting 10 days. Donovan Mitchell and Demarcus Cousins are reported to be involved. 

The details of the tournament are yet to be finalized and announced, and there are several important questions we need answers to: 

  1. Can there be more than one player per NBA team?
  2. Will the players pick existing teams?
  3. If so, will the players be forced to play with their own teams?
  4. If not, what kind of draft process will happen to form the teams?
  5. Will we hear audio of the players trash-talking during the game?

Assuming only one player per team can participate, we are about to find out who’s the best player on teams involved in the tournament. When it comes to the tournament structure, we support the idea of a draft. Having players select their team would add more fun to the entire process, and reveal team dynamics. But above else, the importance of question no.5 can’t be stressed enough. Trash talking is an integral part of any 2K experience!

Whatever the answers are, we’ll take any form of basketball right now. (There might even be some gambling on this in our office.)