NBA analysts share why Luka Doncic is upset after Dallas Mavericks parted ways with Rick Carlisle

NBA analysts share why Luka Doncic is upset after Dallas Mavericks parted ways with Rick Carlisle

Rick Carlisle is no longer the Mavericks head coach thanks “Dirk, JKidd and everyone other he has coached” in an official statement.

The drama in Dallas seems to be far from over, with the latest episode in a saga that comes as a surprise to most now involving head coach Rick Carlisle. It has been a tumultuous week for the Dallas Mavericks, to say the least, with reports of trouble within the organization followed by the departure of long-time executives Donnie Nelson and Carlisle taking the NBA news beat by storm since the first round of the playoffs ended. Unlike Nelson, Carlisle described the move as “solely his decision,” which makes this news all the more peculiar.

Coaching one of the league’s brightest young stars in Luka Doncic is not a job you just let go of when you feel like the time to move on has come, especially with the generational talent from Slovenia set to sign a five-year 201.5 million dollar supermax extension with the team as soon as free agency opens this summer. That means Carlisle would have likely had the opportunity to coach a consistent playoff team or even title contender for the remainder of his contract, which was only two years. It is pretty challenging to explain why one would willingly leave a job with so much promise, with an organization that has become a home. Mike Wilbon was on ESPN’s PTI last night and may have offered insight as to what is going on in Dallas.

“This is Turmoil! Luka is going to get his money, he is going to get it somewhere! But when you have Donnie Nelson and Rick Carlisle there, it’s been stable! They have not had the trouble of other NBA franchises. You think Luka can’t force his way out if he isn’t happy?”

Mike Wilbon, via Pardon The Interruption

Yes, this is turmoil that is brewing in Dallas as it has been reported that Luka Doncic is upset about the departure of Donnie Nelson as he and the former GM were very close but conceded that this was a decision of the front office, and he accepts it. There have also been reports about Luka’s tenuous relationship with Rick Carlisle; however, this now puts extreme pressure on the Mavs management to get their next personnel decisions right as there is one particular executive that Luka has been rumored to have some kind of displeasure with. Keeping this person and letting go of someone close to Luka and then someone who brought stability to the organization just does not seem to keep your young star happy. Matt Barnes put what should be the Mavs’ strategy in straightforward terms as he chimed in on the topic on ESPN’s The Jump

“Whoever he doesn’t like needs to go.”

Matt Barnes, via The Jump

If you are the Mavericks, that is exactly what you need to do, but with the moves right now seemingly being counterproductive, could there be another route that they might be exploring? While it’s highly unlikely, signing Luka to that supermax and then putting him out into the trade market is not impossible and would certainly blow up the NBA offseason, but either way, it seems like the turmoil has already begun.

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