Nate Robinson has a wild sneaker story from the 2009 Dunk Contest

Nate Robinson has a wild sneaker story from the 2009 Dunk Contest

Former NBA player Nate Robinson is still the most successful slam dunk contest champion winning it three times throughout his career. In a recent interview for Bleacher Report’s show Untold Stories, Robinson talked about the 2009 dunk contest and how his basketball got stolen that day from his hotel room.

Before the dunk contest, Robinson joined Nike to create custom-made shoes called “Kryptonate” Nike Foamposite Lites. He was supposed to wear them in the dunk contest, and Robinson recalls speaking with the media about the dunk contest. When Robinson returned to his hotel room, he realized someone stole his shoes, and on top of that, they were listed for sale on eBay a few hours after the incident. Luckily for Robinson, the police were fast and returned the shoes to him the next day, and he immediately gave them to his mom for safekeeping.

I told Nike I have the perfect dunk I want to do in the dunk contest, but I need some shoes. They came up with the Cryptonite, which was green, and I was like, I can run with that. They gave me the sleeve, the green jersey. But the day they gave me the shoes, someone stole them from the hotel. I went to do all my media staff, and when I came back to my room, they were gone. Someone put them on eBay cause they weren’t seen before. I was sweating because someone stole my shoes. The next day they found them and got it back to me, so I gave them to my mom. Don’t let nobody get my shoes, so she put them on, and we got to the dunk contest. Nike made me a dope ass Cryptonite heavy ass box with green crystals. It’s sitting on the top of my dunk contest trophies at my house, so that is pretty dope.

Nate Robinson, via Untold Stories

Robinson won the 2009 dunk contest, and one of the most memorable dunks he did was when he jumped over Dwight ‘Superman’ Howard, and apparently, it was all because of the Kryptonite shoes. The idea propelled them to create the shoes to get the edge on reigning dunk champion and his Superman alter ego. As we all remember, Robinson did an amazing job at the dunk contest putting on an absolute show for the crowd and the referees that awarded him with a win.