NATE ROBINSON HAD MAJOR ISSUES with the legendary coach: “Larry Brown called me “the little s**t” every day”.

NATE ROBINSON HAD MAJOR ISSUES with the legendary coach: “Larry Brown called me “the little s**t” every day”.

Nate Robinson opened up about some of the personal issues during his 11-year long career. Robinson shared how he developed depression during his NBA career, and it felt like he struggled with having an angel and demon inside of him. “I’ve never been a depressed person in my life.

Standing at 5″9 while weighing 180 pounds, Robinson played for eight teams during his 11-year long career. He said he began going to therapy during the 2012-2013 season when he played for the Bulls. He was trying to figure out what he did wrong in treatment and what made him bouncing around the league so much.

“The hardest thing in my whole life, of my 34 years in existence on earth, was dealing with 11 years in the NBA of trying to be somebody that NBA coaches want me to be”.

Nate Robinson

Robinson said that he was looked down on because of his behavior. While he enjoyed playing with a little flair or joking around, he felt punished for his actions. He convinced other people and thought the only solution was to say absolutely nothing about the struggles he was dealing with at the time.

During his time with the Bulls, Robinson started sitting at the very front of the plane so he wouldn’t be tempted to start joking around. Even when he wanted to change something about his behavior, Robinson got traded to 3 different teams after playing for the Bulls.

While with the Knicks, Robinson said coach Larry Brown called him “the little s**t” every day. After Robinson went to Brown’s office in tears and asked him to stop, Brown again called him the name in front of the team and told his teammates that he had cried.

One of the veteran assistant coaches said this about Robinson.

“Part of his personality is, he’s a clown.” And he doesn’t stop. He can’t turn it off. He almost can’t be serious, and as much as you love him, …that is also what kills him.”

The last team he played for were the Pelicans in season 2015-2016. He played for a G-league team Delaware 87ers last season and is showing a lot of desire to get back to NBA with a positive outlook on life.