Myles Turner’s epic reaction to being snubbed from All-NBA Defensive Teams

Myles Turner’s epic reaction to being snubbed from All-NBA Defensive Teams

The All-NBA Defensive Teams have been announced, and Myles Turner wasn’t happy, to say the least. While most names on the list made sense, Turner’s snub cause a lot of reactions online. 

Another year, another snub

Turner, who was visibly frustrated, posted a 2-letter reaction after news broke out he was not included in All-Defensive Teams.

The towering center has all the reasons to feel disappointed. After all, he has been putting in the work year after year, but the panel of sportswriters and broadcasters who cast votes couldn’t find a spot for Turner. To be fair, the positional rigidity of the All-NBA Defensive Teams, and the fact Rudy Gobert and Joel Embiid are in the league made it very hard to give Turner one of the center spots. 

In 2019, a similar thing happened. That year, the Pacers star also did not make it in any All-Defensive Teams. As it was this year, Turner also led the league in blocked shots per game with 2.69 in 2019, but, it simply wasn’t enough.

This year, the 25-year-old registered another stellar season. He averaged almost 13 points per game to go with 6.5 rebounds and 3.4 blocks. Particularly at the beginning of the season, Turner looked like a guy that can immediately turns your defense into a Top 10 defensive unit in the NBA – he was that good. 

People often complain about someone not making a list, yet they rarely say who should lose a spot. I’m not going to do that today.

Who should he replace in the All-Defensive Teams?

If Turner were to be included in the First or Second Team, who should he replace? My vote goes to Bam Adebayo The Miami Heat star’s defensive rating this season was 108.3, worse than Turner’s 108. more importantly, for most of the regular season Adebayo wasn’t as impactful on the defensive side on the court as Turner was. As mentioned earlier, Adebayo probably got in because of the competition in his position, which is ridiculous. 

We all know Bam is the Heat’s center and got in due to a technicality. As with most awards, the NBA should remove the positional restrictions altogether and have voters assemble the best lineups as they see fit. Until then, guys like Turner will be lost in the history books because they had the misfortune to play in an era of Goberts and Embiids. 

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