Muggsy Bogues shares where he ranks Jordan, LeBron, and Kobe

Muggsy Bogues shares where he ranks Jordan, LeBron, and Kobe

Former NBA player Muggsy Bogues made a guest appearance on VladTV, where he shared his ranking of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant. This type of debate is incredibly popular among NBA fans today, and everyone has their personal preferences. It’s always great to hear what former NBA players have to say about this topic and people who have been around the game for as long as Muggsy has.

Muggsy played against Jordan for the majority of his career, so naturally, for him, nobody compares to him, not even Kobe or LeBron. Interestingly enough, Muggsy ranks LeBron higher than Kobe because of how he plays the game and how he’s been so consistent over the years. Winning a championship for three different teams also helps his cause because only a few players have done it.

They’re sitting at the same table, but MJ is above them all for me. I would get MJ, Lebron, Kobe because of what LeBron is still able to do at this stage of his career. We’ve seen a Kobe before in MJ. Kobe was able to imitate what MJ was able to do as well and take it to that level. LeBron did it in a different way with his 6’9″ frame, the longevity he displayed where each year he is able to elevate his team and his teammates. Last but not least, he was able to win a championship in each spot and get to the finals 9 times out of 10, and that is pretty strong. That is how I look at those guys, and it’s hard because they are all great, but I always got MJ, LeBron, and then Kobe.

Muggsy Bogues, via VladTV

Because of his countless battles against Jordan, there isn’t much surprise that Jordan is the best in his mind, while his observation of LeBron and his success is quite impressive. At the age of 36, LeBron is still writing his story in the NBA and is still one of the league’s best players, with a good chance to win another championship this season with the Lakers. That will solidify him in all the GOAT debates that we have going on among NBA fans today.

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