Muggsy Bogues on why Mark Price was the toughest matchup he had to face in his NBA career

Muggsy Bogues on why Mark Price was the toughest matchup he had to face in his NBA career

Former NBA player Muggsy Bogues was quite a unique persona in the league throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Standing at 5’6,” Muggsy was a true maverick who, despite his height disadvantage, found ways to be a productive and accomplished player on a few NBA teams. He was a legitimate double-double machine for several years in a row until injuries caught up to him. Nevertheless, he had a solid NBA career that surpassed any expectations anybody set out for him when he decided he would dedicate his life to basketball.

In a recent interview for Basketball Time Machine, Muggsy talked about his career and touched upon the toughest matchup he had to face in the NBA. Even though Muggsy was a great floor general and a solid defensive player for his height, he admitted that a few players were challenging. Surprisingly enough, he mentioned Mark Price as a guy who was especially hard to guard because of his unique skill set that would fit really well in today’s NBA.

Bogues said Price was dangerous because he could shot it from pretty much anywhere on the court. He was a great point guard, always looking to get his teammates involved, but if you decided to leave him open for a split second, Price would make you pay. That is something Muggsy witnessed on multiple occasions going up against Price during his career.

You gotta understand for me, everybody was tall, and everybody had a different skillset. Because of the way I liked to play and help of guys, and Mark Price was one of those deadly shooters, and he was the Steph Curry before Steph Curry. Shooting the ball from half-court and that type of skillset. Mark always made me pay anytime I left him or trying to help out the ball winds up back out in his hands, and he would drain it. That is always something that got under my skin, and I felt like I have to be glued to this guy. If not, giving space gives him confidence, especially when you see the ball going through the hoop.

Muggsy Bogues, via Basketball Time Machine

Like Muggsy, Mark Price is one of the most underrated players of that era but definitely a great player in many ways ahead of his time. Even though he was not the most athletically gifted player, he was unbelievably smart, a great shooter, and a great leader, especially during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Price made 4 All-Star appearances in his career but doesn’t get mentioned a lot these days as one of the best guards from that era. Luckily, Muggsy recognized his value while respecting Price for all the tough matchups and battles these two had in their respective NBA careers.